Milton Rotary Welcomes Japanese Exchange Student
Milton Rotary sends Milton student to Switzerland, hosting student from Japan
MILTON, Ont. (August 24, 2015) — Two students are on a trip of a lifetime after Milton Rotary Club helped facilitate one-year youth exchanges in Brazil and Switzerland.
Fifteen-year-old Miltonian Cameron Dickie from Craig Kielburger Secondary School left for Alpnach, Switzerland on August 9th after being selected last fall by the Milton Rotary Club as its candidate to travel overseas.
As chance would have it, Georgetown’s Rotary Club was having difficulty tracking down a suitable candidate and asked the Milton club last fall if they had any additional candidates. Consequently, 18-year-old Miltonian Katie Fry, a graduate of White Oaks Secondary School, was chosen to represent Georgetown and recently departed for Blumenau, Brazil on August 7th.
“Over the years Milton Rotary has hosted 53 students from around the globe and sent out 49 young adults since the late 1960’s,” said Rod McLachlan, Milton Rotary director of public relations, of the club’s 102 international exchanges. “Normally only one lucky Milton student would get the chance to head abroad on a Rotary youth exchange, but this year is special.”
Rotary’s program requires that if a club sends a student outbound, that club must host an inbound student. On Saturday, August 22nd, Milton Rotarians greeted 16-year-old Miki Nagano from Kanazawa City, Japan at Pearson International Airport.
Milton Rotary Club will once again be seeking interested high school students for our international youth exchange who are between the ages of 15 and 18 at the time of their expected departure in August 2016. Those prospective students can contact the club through its website and apply by October 31st for the 2016 exchange.